Lebanese Wedding Reception Ceremony of Hachem Rima + Jemarel Marcelo
Venue : Cyberview Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya

Official Videographer  ( OV ) : Blastphere
Official Photographer ( OP ) : Yeirkif Abdullah
Assisted by Amiruddin Ashari

Wedding Dais & Deco : Amelia Blossoms
Lights & SoundMD Events Asia
Make Up Artist : Leen Zakaria
Hair Stylist : Dazzly Hair & Make Up


What a fantastic day and beautiful wedding reception and Cyberview Resort & Spa was perfect host.
Very nice and beautifully elegant venue.

Hachem and Jemarel are great match for each other.
These two have a magical energy. I could see how their laughter, kindness and open hearts positively affected everyone.

There is no Lebanese wedding without dancing.
And the bride and groom and Lebanese family members will also love to swing their hips on the dance floor with the mix Western tunes with some Arabic music to cater for all guests

The bride and groom make a grand entrance as they dance their way onto the main dance floor surrounded by drummers and continue to dance on the floor, while their guests are around them clapping and being entertained.

By the way, I recommend you to view this entry on a large screen such as computer or laptop or tablet while listening to the music on my website.

And here is the story of Hachem and Jemarel.


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